Our Dream



I'm used to using simple lines to outline fashion sneaker,
Fashion&classics will never go out of style.
Material of canvas slip on shoes which is lightweight, breathable.
Obtaom shoes underline happy feelings pass through design
I wish Obtaom shoe will bring happiness and cool looks to you.


We work hard and check every details.
I wish that every customer could receive a pair
of high-quality shoes and feel happy
when put on Obtaom sneakers.
Thanks for everyone's encouragement,
It makes our work valuable.


We are very happy that more than 97% of the customers
is satisfied with Obtaom Shoes' products and service.
Many cute customers Email us the problems and advice,
They are solved in a satisfactory way finally.
Thanks you ALL
Our overtime work and efforts were not in vain!

We are grateful for helping people in disaster

Thank Amazon and save the children for providing such a channel,Obtaom dos omething what they can,Obtaom's profits come from the society and should also be returned to the society. Many designs come from them--Ukrainian people. I am very grateful for their selfless contributions.

I hope all children have a happy childhood, and obtaom will work harder.

Xuan Ruihang Xiamen Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

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