ALTOCIS Women’s winter snow boots Short Mid Calf fashion boot Art Resin button Faux Suede boots for women (Chestnut)

  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGN:Chestnut snow boots for women underline positive feelings,Beautifully design,requires Fashion and function.Art resin button,Artificial Fur Edge,Mid Calf winter snow boots reflect women's desire for fashion, youth and beauty.
  • BREATHABLE UPPER:Faux Suede has excellent texture and reaches a very high level , Hickory snow boots for women are Breathable, fit for who feet sweat more easily or a lot of exercise to Keep Dry.
  • SOFT OUTSOLE:Classic low profile TPR rubber wedge outsole,Women’s Brown Short Fashion Boot will still keep soft and comfortable go through cryogenic testin.
  • EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF:the top of Women’s winter snow boots has been upgrade,take on & off become easily
  • KEEP FEET WARM: Winter snow boots Height measures approximately 9.5". imitation wool lining(The thickness reaches 0.8") give you soft feeling and keep feet warm.
Women snow boots Women snow boots

ALTOCIS winter snow boots for women underline positive feelings ,through the travel experience of scenery and characters,Discover beauty.THE MORE FEATHERY,SNOWFLAKER FLUTTERING,THE MORE WANT TO GO FARAWAY LAND.

Mid Calf winter snow boots Mid Calf winter snow boots
faux fur Mid Calf boots for women faux fur Mid Calf boots for women