Obtaom Women's Play Fashion Sneaker White Color Washed and Leopard Canvas Slip on Shoes (Black Waltz Night Canvas)

  • Rubber sole
  • FABRIC UPPER: 235g fabric upper has moderate yarn thickness,You can see the textile pattern on the Black upper,Breathable,Soft and Keep dry.canvas shoes for women is a very comfy shoe in summer.
  • SOLE: rubber sole of canvas slip on shoes is durable.without fabric coating ,the canvas sneaker for women will be Quiet and Soft when walking on hard surfaces or wet floor.The grain design pays attention to antiskid also.
  • Standard US Sizes:Our factory has been producing slip on sneakers for women for many years,the size is truly fit your feet.
  • Foam Insole padding cool fit, Super comfort.
  • STURDY: black Play shoes for women that have been vulcanized of high pressure and temperature (higher than many peers),have a better shape and keep for a longer time.


Women's Play Fashion Sneaker

Women's Play Fashion Sneaker will never go out of style. cool shoes for cool women! Bring happiness and cool looks to your feet.

Obean Shoes

Obean Shoes used to use simple lines to outline fashion sneaker,And underline happy feelings pass through design.Many cute customers is satisfied with Obtaom Shoes and service.Obtaom low-top fashion sneake hope that will bring cool looks to you.

Canvas sneaker for women